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Our services

Thanks to a network of specialized partners, Monsieur eCommerce offers all required services for on-line sales. Business models analysis, design and conception of the on-line, conversion optimization; we have the resources and expertise to help you.

In addition to all these steps, you have to put all your products in your on-line store to sell on Internet. You should therefore find a Product Photographer, write the descriptions for each of these products and create each of them with all the parameters that will allow potential clients to make an informed choice. It’s a long and complex task.

Monsieur eCommerce is the only business specialized in product photography, description writing, and content integration in an on-line store. Sure, you can accomplish those steps yourself. When you think about it, doing business with us means more time for yourself, to concentrate on profit-generating activities: selling on-line.


Snapshop is an IOS application that allows you to take your product photos with your iPhone and we take care of the rest! The application automatically sends your photos. Our team will make your editing, renames your photos according to your needs (SKU, barcode) and we send you a CSV file ready to import.

Photo Editing

Take your photos with your smartphone or your traditional camera, Send us your photos and we take care of the rest! We make your editing, renames your photos according to your needs (SKU, barcode) and we send you a CSV file ready to import.


A well written description must attract visitors and convince them to buy your product rather than another. Our team is there to make your life easier.

Product pictures

Your pictures should speak form themselves. If you have 50 or 8000 products, we are the fastest and most efficient for professional quality photos.


Adding products to an e-Commerce site is a long and tedious job. Let us do in a few hours what you’ll need many weeks to accomplish.

Supplier's picture

Do you use photos and descriptions of your suppliers? No problem, our team will pick them up and integrate them to your site for you.

You take all your photos on your own?

We edit all your pictures: crop, pad and align them!
Get them back in a CSV file ready to be imported.

Are you using the pictures of your suppliers?

Our team will get them for you!