The only eCommerce turnkey solution: pictures, descriptions, integration of all products

Your complete e-commerce site turnkey solution!

E-commerce solution

You already have an e-commerce website? Let’s make it look better.

You don’t have one? No problem, we’ll build one for you!

Product Pictures

You have 75 or 8000 products! We’ll go to your business place to take fully professional pictures and make your products look their best.


Copy-paste descriptions are not optimized for SEO. Writing it down takes too long! Just tell us about your products features and we’ll do the rest.

It's time to sell on-line !

Here you are ! A few hours later, your products are imported and ready for sale ! Isn’t that how it should be?

Professional quality pictures

Wait no longer before selling your products on-line

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We are lightning fast!

You process 40 products a day!

Admit it: your team has been taking pictures of products for months now and you have not been able to put more than 10% of your inventory on-line.

You will need on average 15 minutes per product to take pictures and put the product on-line.

Meanwhile, your clients visit your online store and can’t find what they’re looking for. They walk away! Can you afford to lose customers?

We handle thousands of products a day

Have your whole inventory on-line today !

Required investment do it yourself:

  • Camera: $1000-$2000
  • Lighting: $1000
  • White backdrop: $400
  • Labor cost $5/product (15 minutes/product, $20/h salary)

After spending all that money, a busy schedule won’t allow enough time to move forward. You’ll have an empty on-line store for months !

Total: $2400-$3400 initial investment + $5/product

Our basic services include

  • 1 to 3 photos per product
  • Description
  • Integration into your on-line store with
    • Available sizes
    • Price
    • Title
    • Bar code (if needed for inventory purposes)

starting from


per product

Minimum of 2000 products per mandate to obtain this price.

What if...

I have thousands of products !
No problem ! We can process up to 1000 products per day.

I only have 100 products…
No problem: we can process them in an afternoon and still put them on-line in 72 hours

I can do it myself
How long would it would take: 15 minutes per product to take the pictures and put the product on-line with the description. At that rate, you would need more than 60 days of full time work to process 2000 products. Do you really have that time?
That doesn’t take into account that at $3,75/per product, our prices are cheaper than paying an employee to do it.

I always receive new merchandise
We can help during the take-off and let you go by yourself after. We can also make regular basis sessions. We even have discounts for repeat clients.

My brother-in-law is a Photographer
Great! There’s no doubt he will take beautiful pictures and send them to you on a USB key. 2000 pictures on a USB key, that’s a lot of work to unscramble and a lot of products to put on-line. And you’ll still have to write down the descriptions. Will you have the time to do it?

I think hiring a professional is expensive
After a few calculations, you’ll realize our services don’t. The difference between hiring us and doing it yourself is the time it’ll take to have your products online and the sales you lose everyday with an empty store.

Don't wait ! Take full advantage of your online store today.

Make an appointment today!