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4 tech hacks to save time doing customer service

  • Posted by daige
  • On 2017-05-23
You may know that I used to be a VP Technology in a middle sized business. One of my roles was to automate repetitive tasks as much as I could to optimize HR as much as possible. As a result, the humans we hired were doing more fulfilling tasks and less repetitive works. Here’s 4 […]
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Signup for the weekly ecommerce tip!

  • Posted by Samuel Racicot
  • On 2017-05-03
Hello everyone! This is David for MistereCommerce.com. My marketing team had a good idea and I am making a video to explain it to you. Our idea: Making small content video once a week. A 30 second to a minute video about e-commerce and digital marketing. I will explain terms related to digital marketing, marketing ideas, […]
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