The equipment needed to use SnapShop!

The small product bundle:

Includes a Gorilla Pod and an LED light for iPhone.

The Gorilla Pod for your iPhone:

  • Universal iPhone Compatibility

    Patent-pending design supports an iPhone with or without a case

  • Adaptable Camera Positioning

    Flexible, wrappable legs tackle any terrain for precise control in photo or video composition

  • Reliable Grip

    Rubber pads secure phone in place, even when turned sideways or upside down

  • Rugged Materials

    Durable polycarbonate-ABS plastic construction with steel internal structure designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use on-the-go

The luminous LED light for your iPhone:

  • Get higher quality pictures and videos

    Helps when natural light is not available

  • It is convenient to use

    You can clip it anywhere

  • Independent lighting

    it can complement light without connecting to smart phone or other devices

  • Press the power button to switch to another lighting level

    36 LED bulbs will be able to provide enough lighting for you to take great selfies

The complete bundle for big items :

Everything you need for product photography.

The complete bundle includes:

  • 2 x 5500K Professional Light bulbs
  • 2 x 7′ adjustable stands
  • 2 x light holders
  • 2 x 33′ translucent umbrellas
  • 2 x 33′ black umbrellas
  • 3 x background pieces black/white/green
  • 1 set 7’x10′ backdrop stand kit with carrying case and 2 clamps
  • Perfect set up for web retailers that wants to get a high quality photos

    Works great for portrait, video or product photography

  • Lamps developed specifically for digital imaging

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    Flicker free and daylight balanced (5500K), these lamps produce a super soft glow that will bathe your subjects in a superior light, requiring no extra filtration or color correction for achieving natural skin tones and color.

  • Heavy duty backdrop stand up to 7' high

    100% metal cross bars up to 10' wide. Backdrop measuring 6'x9'. One of the thickest high key muslin backdrops available; There is a loop on top for easy mounting. No clamps needed

  • Top of the line umbrella kit

    Delivers superior power for all of your digital imaging applications

Take your Iphone and download the app to get started!

Step 1 : Shoot your SKU or Barcode

The first picture of each product must always be a picture of its SKU or barcode! This will be the file’s name when you will get them back.

Step 2 : Shoot your product

Shoot your products on a white background using the SnapShop app! You can take as many angles as you want. (2-3 angles are usually enough)

Step 3 : Upload your photos on our server

Once you have taken all the necessary angles for this product, confirm your photos to upload them to our server and move on to the next one!

Once you have uploaded your photos :

Services Image

Editing your photos

Our team will edit them with Photoshop , clip them on a white background, reframe and standardize them with equal margins.

Services Image

Each picture is renamed

Each photo is renamed according to the SKU or the barcode.


Services Image

Easy integration

You will receive all your photos renamed in a single CSV file and ready to import on your website.

Services Image

A lightning fast service!

Get your pictures edited and start selling online in a snap (edited, renamed and standardized) in less than 3 working days!

Starting at $ 2 / photo. Doing it yourself is not worth the trouble.


Alt Text


Alt Text

SNAPSHOP : How does it Work?



Starting at $ 2 / photo. You are the professional photographer.

Why you should use Snapshop?

  • We are lightning fast

    Get your products retouched and ready to sell in 2 to 3 days!

  • Each product is renamed according to your needs

    Barcodes or SKUs are easily integrated.

  • Shoot your products. We take care of the rest!

    The task that nobody wants to do, we take care of it!

  • Start selling much sooner

    Focus on the essentials: generate more traffic!

  • All your photos are uniform

    The same background with equal margins

  • Save money, its cheaper than doing it on your own

    $ 2 / photo. You do the math!

Contact us here!

You don't have an Iphone?


  1. First, click link here to go to
  2. Then select the "take me to free" tab.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions on the left of your screen
  4. In the middle of your screen, on the left side, you will see a tab that says "add your files". Click on this tab and insert your pictures.
  1. In the "Send to" tab, enter the email address
  2. In the tab: "Your e-mail address" enter your e-mail address! (We'll send them back to this address)

1. In the "Message" tab, enter your specific requests.

For example : What platform do you use? How do you want your pictures edited (white background, gray background...) How do you want us to rename your products? (Depending on the SKU or barcode, for example)

2.Click on the "Transfer" tab. (Your photos will be sent!)

Relax! Our team edit your photos, standardize them and send them back ready to be imported on your platform!
You will receive all your edited photos, renamed in a CSV file ready to import to your platform!